The CJSC “NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan” warmly welcomes you!
A leading Government owned commercial bank of Pakistan with total assets worth around USD: 13 billion.

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 We want to bring in your knowledge that effective from April 26, 2020,

our new correspondent Bank address and routing details would be as under:-


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CJSC "NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan" gives Credits / Loans in Tajik Somoni and in US Dollars to all clients including individuals, small & medium enterprises, corporate and legal entities. In order to play a pivotal role in the development of economy of Tajikistan, our management has decided to extend the credit on very low interest rate. Further, to save the client from unforeseen circumstances, our bank also insures the assets and life of the borrower from the reputable insurance company. This facility is available for business and consumer purposes for the period of 1-3 years.

  1)   Credit in TJS and USD currencies for Business purpose and secured by mortgage of property.

  Upto   1- year   –  21.00% P.A.

Upto   2 - years – 22.00% P.A.

Upto   3 - years – 23.00% P.A.


(Effective interest rate 21.00 - 23.20%).                


  2)   Credit in TJS and USD currencies for Consumer purpose and secured by mortgage of property.

  Upto   1- year –  22.00% P.A.

Upto   2 -years – 23.00% P.A.

Upto   3 -years – 24.00% P.A.


  (Effective interest rate 22.00 - 24.20%).


For getting the credit, the borrower must be an account holder of our bank, having good liquidity / cash flow position, business potential, easily saleable security etc. The credit process is completed on merit basis in the shortest period of time.
















Currency rates

Currency exchange rates on January 14, 2021

    Purchase Sell  
   1 USD 11.3100 11.3300 TJS
   1 EUR 13.7600