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A leading Government owned commercial bank of Pakistan with total assets worth around USD: 13 billion.

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 We want to bring in your knowledge that effective from April 26, 2020,

our new correspondent Bank address and routing details would be as under:-


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Money transfers

CJSC "NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan" using a network of correspondent banks, make transfers in U.S. dollars (USD) and euros (EUR) around the world. There are plans to also launch a translation in Russian Rubles (RUR).

Money transfers are made by the international S.W.I.F.T. system Today the SWIFT system is the most convenient, reliable and secure for payments between banks, no matter what country they are. This system allows you to transfer money anywhere in the world within 2-5 days.

In order to send money to another bank, you should:

    • Open a current account with  CJSC "NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan", Dushanbe.
    • In some cases, you can also remit money without opening an account but you must have proper identity such as passport, identity card etc. 
    • For making remittance to the beneficiary, you must have the details of the beneficiary: such as Name, account number, bank name, branch name, code number, swift code etc.
    • The funds can also be remitted on the passport; therefore the details of passport of the beneficiary must be available. It is advised that most of the banks do not accept payment on passport; therefore, it would be better to remit the funds on the account of beneficiary.
    • Upon submission of documents, the Front Office Manager will fill your application for transfer funds. 
    • To deposit the amount of remittance and the amount of commission at Cash Counter.

For the detail of commission on remittance of funds, please consult bank's Tariff for remittance on remittance of funds.

TRANSFER WESTERN UNION is fast and reliable way to transfer money around the world.  Western Union transfers are for urgent need. You can receive money in just few minutes in any country where there are points of customer service system The facility is available in our bank.

Advantages of Western Union over other money transfer systems: 

    • Extensive network of services around the world and the Republic of Tajikistan; 
    • No need to open a bank account for the sender and the recipient; 
    • Speed, reliability and simplicity; 
    • Opportunity to combine with a written translation of messages and notifications. 
    • A unique security system reliably ensures that your money will be transferred quickly and only one to whom they are intended.

If sending remittance sender must:

    • Present a valid identity card or passport 
    • Produce TIN - Tax Identification Number; 
    • Know the name and surname of the recipient
    • Complete and sign the form of "sending money" 
    • Pay the appropriate amount 

For receipt of the money; the recipient must:

    • Present a valid identity card or passport; 
    • Produce TIN - Tax Identification Number; 
    • Know the name and surname of the sender, the expected amount, city and country of origin; 
    • Complete and sign the form "Get Money"; 

Additional Services:

    • Notification by telephone; 
    • Message (up to 20 words)

Currency rates

Currency exchange rates on January 14, 2021

    Purchase Sell  
   1 USD 11.3100 11.3300 TJS
   1 EUR 13.7600