The CJSC “NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan” warmly welcomes you!
A leading Government owned commercial bank of Pakistan with total assets worth around USD: 13 billion.


Notice of the closure of NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan


Dear Customers!

With all respect we regret to inform you that by decision of the Board of Directors of the National Bank of Pakistan, a decision has been taken to terminate activities in the Tajikistan in the near future. In this regard, we kindly ask you to close your existing accounts in the Branch until March 31, 2021.

Please note that the Branch closure is associated with its voluntary liquidation, moreover, the financial position is quite stable. The Branch has enough liquidity to fully meet its obligations and settle accounts with all depositors. The above mentioned deadline, until March 31, 2021, is provided so that our customers /depositors have the opportunity to choose another bank to meet their needs and avoid the inconvenience of changing the bank.

NBP Pakistan Subsidiary Bank in Tajikistan expresses gratitude for the long-term and fruitful cooperation with our bank and wishes you success and prosperity!

We kindly ask you to pick up the written notice at the bank‘s office at the address: Business Center “Sozidanie”, 48 Ayni avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, tel: (44) 610 44 14/12

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Tariffs in TJS



Tariffs on bank charges in local currency (TJS)
1 Maintenance of Current Accounts
1.1 Account opening No charges  
1.2 Closing of Account (Account maintenance fee) No charges Maintenance of Account
1.3 Change of A/c holder No charges  
1.4 Issuance of daily a/c statements No charges  
1.5 Issuance of  consolidated a/c statements No charges for 1 month
1,6 Cost of cheque books TJS 25 25 leaves
TJS 50 50 leaves
1.7 Cancellation of lost Cheque book No charges  
2 Remittance:
2,1 In favour  of clients inside  the Branch No charges  
2,2 All local remitances 5 TJS from all amounts of TJS
3 Transaction with cash
3,1 Deposits by cash No charges  
3,2 Cash withdrawal against cash  deposit No charges  
3,3 Cash withdrawal 0,50%  
4 Bank Guarantee
4,1 Issue of  Guarantee   If 100% is covered by Cash then 0.5% per quarter. Minimum TJS 150.00.                   
If 75% is covered by Cash and remaining 25% with tangible security; then 0.75% per quarter.  Minimum TJS: 150.00.
If 50% is covered by cash and remaining 50% is covered by tangible security, then1% per quarter. Minimum TJS: 150.00
4,2 Confirmation of Guarantee 0,40% per quarter Minimum tariff TJS. 100.00
4,3 Amendments of  Guarantee   TJS. 150.00 for each ammendment.
4,4 Extension of  Guarantee   TJS. 150.00 plus applicable tariff as per clause no. 5,1
4,5 Cancellation of guarantee before expiry date. O.05% of Guarantee amount. Minimum TJS: 50,00
5 Other services
5,1 Writing  payment  orders at client’s request TJS 50,00  
5,2 Issue of a/c  certificates at client’s request TJS 50,00  
5,3 Issue of a/c certificates at audit company’s request  TJS 100,00  
5,4 Issue of document  duplicates  TJS 50,00  
  Note:   *  Tariffs include indirect taxes    
              *  Tariffs may be revised/tailored for by the  order of General Manager  
              *  The Branch fixes own tariffs for transactions not included in the list  
              *  The charges may be paid in other currencies at NBT currency conversion rate.
              *  The inward foreign currrency remittance will be credited in the local currency acconts as per NBT currency conversion rates.

Currency rates

Currency exchange rates on February 25, 2021

    Purchase Sell  
   1 USD 11.3100 11.3300 TJS
   1 EUR 13.7000